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Jamaica's DPA 2020 passed in parliament.

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We're G5 Cyber Security, a company founded by an internationally experienced Jamaican and Cyber Security Consultant, Gavin Dennis. We support businesses internationally to protect them from cyber attacks and data privacy breaches.

Identify Security Vulnerabilities

We can scan your entire IT network and tell you which systems are vulnerable.

Implement Compliance Documents

We can support your business to comply with cyber secuity and data privacy requirements!

Security Awareness Training

We can train all your users to develop good security habits and test their susceptibility to Phishing.

Protect Personal Data.

We can provide data mapping software to keep track of personal data across a network.

Comply with JDPA

We can support your business to comply with Jamaica's Data Protection Laws!

Privacy Awareness Training

We can educate and train users on data privacy requirements!

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